Gearless Lift-motors

Gearless Lift-motors

Gearless motors for lift applications make it possible to manufacture elevator systems where the motor is located inside the elevator shaft. Thus, there is no need for space for and layout for a separate machine room, which enables a significant saving of both resources and components.

From Lafert Motors, HorsePower Scancinavia can offer a program of “gearless” lift motors. The motor range is based on permanent magnet synchronous motors with a torque of up to 660 Nm, designed for lift systems up to 1275 kg.

The compact and robust engine offers the following advantages:

  • Very small dimensions
  • High efficiency
  • Great comfort
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Low noise level

A more detailed description of Laferts Lift motors can be found in:”Tecnical Catalouge – Gearless Machines for Elevators”, – and the catalog can be obtained by e-mail: