High Voltage Motors

High Voltage Motors

HorsePower Scandinavia can offer high-voltage motors (short-circuit or slip-ring rotor) in a standard range from 3kV to 11 kV. For special executions voltage up to 13,8 kV also is an option. Basically, the motors can be offered as follows:

-IM B3 for horizontal mounting
-IM V1 for vertical mounting

Cooling Method:
-IC 411 (totally enclosed fan-cooled)
-IC 611 (Air-Air Heat Exchanger)
-IC 81W (Air / Water Heat Exchanger)
-IC 01   (open-circuit ventilated)

Protecting Classes:
-IP 55
-IP 23

Ambient (IEC Standard):
-Ambient temperature max. 40 ° C
-No direct solar radiation
-Relative humidity max. 95%
-Installation altitude max.1000 m above sea level
-Voltage Stability: ± 5%
-Frequency Stability: ± 2%

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