Permanent magnet generators and motors

Permanent magnet generators and motors

In collaboration with our partners, we can offer strong and energy-efficient permanent magnet generators and motors that have been developed to meet the requirements set, for example, in energy production based on wind and/or wave solutions.

These products are always developed and produced in relation to the current requirements  and in a close cooperation between our customer and our production partner,  -but as an example of previous projects can be mentioned:


Generators for low-power wind turbines:

– up to 100kW

– with embedded windings to meet challenges from harsh environments.

– constructions with integrated or external rotor


Generators for wave power plants

low speeds (up to 24 poles)

-power up to 500kw

water cooling


Motors for cooling main generator in wind turbines

-specially adapted design to meet optimal adaptation to turbine construction

1 or 2 speed motors

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