Stainless steel motors

Stainless steel motors

The  use of  a stainless steel electric motors will often reduce the time spent on cleaning, maintenance and repair as the motor is:

  • resistant to wash down, even with caustic detergents
  • corrosion resistant
  • has a clean, smooth surface with a minimum of “dirt collectors”
  • unpainted, and therefore without the risk of loose paint which contaminates the process.

Requirements for cleaning the production machinery in food as well as pharmaceutical process lines are often very high.  The cleaning process is therefore time-consuming and, -and in addition; often rather tuff towards the machinery.  Unlike standard motors, our stainless steel motors have no cooling finns;  – the surface is smooth and easy to clean.

The stainless surfaces render the surface treatment (paint / varnishing) unnecessary and therefore eliminate the risk of loose paint peeling off and contaminating the production.  The motor nameplate is engraved into the surface, which in turn minimizes the risk of dirt accumulation.

The degree of protection is IP66, and it is possible to upgrade to IP69K in special version. The program includes IEC frame sizes 63 – 132, and the motors can be supplied in polarities 2,4 and 6  2pole., 4pole

There are more options to adapt the product to the current application, for example, you can choose between self-ventilated motors (TEFC), closed motors without self-ventilation (TENV) -or motors prepared for water cooling.

Through cooperation with gear-box manufacturers, the motors can also be offered with a big choice  of stainless steel gear-boxes.

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