The Original Horsepower

The Original Horsepower

The achievement of a certain output demands an investment of a certain amount of energy. The less energy needed to obtain a certain output, the higher efficiency. Power output can be expressed in Kilowatt (kW) or in Horsepower (HP).        

According to James Watt the definition for one Horse Power is the energy needed to lift 33,000 footpounds 1 foot off ground for 1 minute. Or translated into Scandinavian terms: 1 HP is the energy needed to lift 75kg 1m off ground for 1 second.

HorsePower Scandinavia is incessantly seeking solutions, which gives the best possible long termed output according to the energy invested. In our solutions we always seek to take base in the actual need, yet also relate this to future needs. In our work regarding electric motors, the efficiency is always an important parameter.

Our dedication in the work within Electric motors is supported by our parallel work on optimizing the “efficiency” of “the original horsepower”.  Our “basic materia in this process is “the Icelandic horse”, which can rightly be regarded as a unique and Nordic horse breed – a horse that already has a “good efficiency” from nature.

Through close contact with the market as well as partnership with dedicated partners, we work long-term and purposefully with physical and mental training, feed compositions, correct equipment, etc. , in order to achieve the optimal combination of welfare and good performance for the Icelandic horse.

This is a long-term project, but in parallel with our activities on electric motors, we will continuously introduce news and products that can benefit the Icelandic horse and / or have an interest for its users and owners.

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