The European Commission Directive 94/9/EC, better known as ATEX 95 directive defines the minimum requirements for the safety of products and safety systems to be installed and used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The directive distinguishes between two main groups *):
Group I: Mining industry
Group II_ Other industrial applications

Group II *) also distinguishes between different types of environments which, caused by either gas or dust, are potentially explosive, – and the group is divided into the following categories:

Within the category of GAS, it must be assessed which type of explosion protection motor must be equipped with (eg.: EExe, EEXn, EExd etc.) and in addition the relevant gas group (propane = IIA, IIC = hydrogen, etc) and temperature class (eg.: T3, T4, etc.) must be determined.
It is the user (end customer) who, according to ATEX 137, is responsible for defining and classifying the area where the product shall be applied.
In cooperation with European manufacturers Horsepower Scandinavia can offer ATEX motors for use in Group I and Group II. -examples are EExe, EEXn, Exd, Exd(e)

See more information about our product range here:  Link til meny: ATEX & IECex; Leveringsprogrammet )  or in case of a current request:  please do not hesitate to contact us with details of the classification required and we will urgently prepare an appropriate offer.

*): New subdivision (group II for gas and group III for dust) is imminent and will be implemented continuously