Single-phase motors

Single-phase motors

In cooperation with our manufacturing partners,  we can offer a wide range of single phase motors; standard-  and special executions to specific demands; a.o. motors with a specific electrical design which grant low noise and low vibration level, and motors where capacitors and starting device are fully integrated in the motor design.

We can offer motors for applications without the requirement of particularly high starting torque, (eg for ventilation tasks), as well as motors for applications with high starting torque requirements , (for eg mixers and the like).
Our program also include single-phase motors with two different voltage options (115 / 230V).

Single-phase motors are available in the following pole numbers and power sizes:

  • Frame size 56 – 100
  • Output 0.09 til 2.2 kW
  • Polarity 2, 4, & 6
  • Options cURus, CSA

and furthermore a wide range of mechanical options.

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